Ramadhan is over, we had a long 30 days of fast (as for me I missed few days as I had to travel for work twice) but overall it was all great, especially that my mum and sister spent the month in my house, and we had a family reunion at night when everybody would come and spend whatever left of the day and a good part of the night together.  Of course I am not going to describe the scene as you can imagine in, my sister Nehad screaming in the face of everybody, Sawsan pretending to be 28 and pretty all the time, Elham drawn in the prayors of getting a house of her own sooner than later, my sister in law Shaz just watching everything and trying to learn more Arabic words, friends each dug in their blackberries and Iphones texting and tweeting while participating in the nonsense discussions that took place.  We had Quraan nights as well, when more people would come to my house and read Quraan and gift it to the dead from my family and everybody else’s families that had long gone and still not forgotten.  I shouldn’t forget to mention the feasts that we had during Ramadhan, it was as if we never ate in our lives and that a famine was approaching; don’t laugh please, such is our life in Ramadhan, hence the weight we all had put on.

Today we are all waiting for our breakfast tomorrow morning, I bought the cheeses, creams,  honey, and stacked up on the criossonts and bread; and I am certainly going to have a plunger of great coffee ready so anyone who is going to share the breakfast with me are welcome.  But bear in mind I have to drop my kiwi friend to the ariport at 10, so come early everybody.

Normally I receive lots and lots of messeges wishing me a great holiday, and a long life and what not, this year I am receiving them from friends by text, tweets, facebook and on email.  I am not sure how many friends I have, as I am constantly replying back to wish them the same or more. But having done that, I am confused this year on whether I should send any greetings to celebrate Eid? the world is not in a happy state.  The family that I know very well in bahrain had lost a son yesterday, who was killed by the police as they thought he was carrying a molotov bottle, he was only 16, and should he have been killed just because he had a molotov bottle? shouldn’t he had been asked to show what he had in his hands, and taken to a police station to investigate further?  I think everything is going completely wrong in my country, and I wish to god that peace will spread and make everybody happy in Bahrain. 

On another note that is not making me feel good this year is the death of my friend in New Zealand. she is a great doctor, haveing a great husband and two lovely kids.  She is so pretty, lovely green eyes, and worked so hard to make life possible in New Zealand, she got cancer and died day before yesterday.  Her sister is also my best friend, and we had a fantastic time together in Hamilton when I was living there.  Sana will be remembered forever, and I condolance her family for their great loss. 

My other friend who came from Syria is also upset, so I really cannot celebrate eid this year, as none of the people around me are really happy, there are either those that had lost loved ones, those that are ill, those that are watching their country being destructed and those that are staying in limbo in other countries as they are not able to return home.  How can we celebrate when all of this agony is happening to the world? I wish I can do something about it all? shall I be an ambassador of peace? I wonder.