I am not with what is happening in the middle east, even though some may think that I am against it, of course to begin with we should not be fighting for basic rights, those times had long gone, we do not have French princesses and British queens who want to feed people biscuits because they don’t have bread. People should have mechanisms to ask for their rights, and governments should provide the rights to people without them having to fight for them. So Arab spring or not is something that is really outdated and should not be entertained based on the assumption that every single right like freedom of speech is synonym to having electricity, water, Internet and shelter of course.

Thanks for reading the above paragraph and hope that you agree with me. The disruption that happened to businesses and people is so severe, and the stoppages of work is not something that we brush aside and assume that business as usual? Hence my blog about entrepreneurship.

For those that don’t know this, entrepreneurship is not just for those with ideas about new products or services that are needed or need will be created for them in society. Entrepreneurship is a concept that involves individuals who take risks, and spend their time and money to benefit themselves as well as everybody else around them. For example take Starbucks or Tim Horton! The inventors did not invent coffee, they invented a way to make good coffee accessible to everybody anywhere, anytime and on top of that at a good price. Both of these organisations are actually minting money to the extent that the venture capitalists that refused to lend them money are kicking themselves for not investing with them. Of course after that many coffee companies sprung up and copying started to mushroom. Would these entrepreneurs made money if they were in the middle east especially during Arab spring? Excuse me???? I don’t think so.

What I am trying to say here is that like any plant, entrepreneurship requires cultivation, propagation, irrigation system and even sometimes someone to sing and dance for them! Of course those that started stalls in the highway to sell iced water and tea are still entrepreneurs, but because they started that idea in the middle east where we don’t have a system to incubate them and provide them with nourishment, they stayed small and once the inventor of the iced water and hot tea in the desert died no one else replicated that idea. Oh, I forgot to mention that an entrepreneurship idea has to be easy to replicate, just for laughs and just to make the market a competitive one and prevent monopoly or oligopoly! (oops sorry my economics teaching is helpful here), Adam Smith in his book “the wealth of the nation” was the first person to call for competition as its important for the livelihood of everyone concerned, and to makes life healthy.

If I was the government, I will have a hub for entrepreneurs, and will make life easy for them, as they are the future of our country, and the way life should be.