I am still counting of course as I am not 6 feet under yet. However I thought I will list the events that really changed my life:

1- My studies in general, but my first  degree was the one that made a huge difference on my life, I became independent and met my future husband. 

2- My husband changed my life. The events that happened in 1980 and subsequently changing his country had changed our plans and what it entailed. We had good plans then but I am thankful for the gradual steering that brought us to Dubai

3- Working  in Dubal. The job and the training that came with it as well as the pay meant that my level went from A to Z. I have still great memories of that company and it’s people and the 18 years that I had spent there are irreplaceable, it changed my life 
4- My trip to New Zealand and changing my career was the tipping point, as I was no longer the person stuck to a computer! and dealing with people was as important as other parts of my job
5- My return to Dubai and opening our company was a real challenge but every minute was worth it, the amount of learning and the number of people that I met and still meet on a daily basis is what gave me wings (not redbull), the number of trips that I had done in the past 13 years surpassed those that I had done in my previous life as an employee; of course the leap of faith that I took from being an employee to working for myself is by itself a life changer and I haven’t looked back ever since. I can decide when to work and when to switch off and despite not taking a real holiday with switched off phone/laptop/iPad/etc, but since my work is cherished it’s a holiday all the time 

6- the most important events are the birth of my grandkids,  if I put all the events in order this would be THE EVENT that changed my life! I become more loving, more content, more in everything so thank you God 

7- I have always wanted to be a writer, but nothing serious was done about that need until my son decided he will create a blog site for me. That was in October 2010 and now I own my site because of him I have developed this talent that not only changed my life but may also change the life of others. Thank you God