Sometimes life is not perfect, you work your ass off, and think to the maximum, talk on the phones, do your links, design your new books, do your presentations, meet the clients, and nothing seems to work. You turn everywhere to find new ways or new paths but those too are closed off. As there are changes in the whole world, there are changes on all the roads and streets, those that you normally use would be blocked; of course you know that I am talking metaphorically, not literally. The negative energy that circulates around you at times creates sensitivities, illnesses, trouble everywhere and blocked paths. If we ever want to clear those blockages we must first find a way to remove the negative energy from the surrounding and clear the people that put that negative energy in front of you and then only you can see a clear road ahead, once the negativity evaporates and the clouds fades away, the good energy will circulate around you.

The question is, how do we do that? How do we remove negative people, or negative surroundings from our lives. At times the negative people are those that are there for a reason, and you must have them; so what do you do? Pressure, pressure !

I found a way, and this is called treatment by the book. There are sayings, clauses, articles, and certain gemstones that can be used to put you back on path. Lets take the stones first, if you have an aget in your pocket or in a ring around your fingers, it works on the circulation and removes carbon dioxide from your surroundings. The other important stone to have which is also affordable is the turquoise. Get a good one that have not been polished, and keep it also in a ring on your fingers, or in your pocket and purse. Many more stones to talk about, but not many we all can afford, for example a carate of diamond is also great in helping to recede negativity, of course not all of us have that much money to own that rock, so why not have a crystal instead; these are not that expensive, and any one can afford it. However a good crystal needs to be placed in the correct position at home, or in a necklace around your neck. That way one is assured of puffing away all negativity.

Let us go to the sayings, many I got from Quran, and some I got from those people that were friends to the prophet and the prophet himself of course. So if you say regularly the aya that goes like this: those who are angst-ridden from God will be provided an enlightened path and will be provided a way to make multiply their money. And the other one goes like this: We answered his prayors and removed the agony from his path and so we do for those that ask. Of course there are many jewels in Quran that provides methods of enlightenment and for those that are optimistic there will be more health, wealth and happiness.

As for the Prophet (PBUH) I like this saying, of course I am not an expert in translation however I will attempt it but I will also keep you the Arabic text just as a teaser so you can search yourself for more: اللهم إني عبدك وابن عبدك وابن امتك ناصيتي بيدك ، ماض في حكمك ، عدل في قضاؤك، اسألك بكل اسم هو لك
سميت به نفسك ، اوانزلته في كتابك ، اوعلمته احدا من خلـــــــقك، اواستأثرت به في علم الغيب عندك ، ان تجعل القران ربيع قلبي ، ونور صدري ، وجلاء حزني ، وذهاب همي )
this means that we ask for the jewels of Quran stays as spring to my life, a light in my soul, a way to remove my sadness, and as a method that extracts my predicament.
Why am I beating around the bush? Yes I do revert to theses measures all the time as I don’t feel that life is going as per plan. I plan for everything, and try my best for those plans to work out in the same manner that I dream of them, yes I dream of my plans! did this surprise you?. In fact, I haven’t had dreams for a long time, and now I am dreaming again, so maybe this is a sign, that all will be good soon? Not sure really.

Please send me your good thoughts, I need those soon.