The only time I felt that if I died here no one would know about me was when I went to Omra last week and I was asked to leave me bag in a safe. My bag is a treasure trove, it has my iPad, two phones, pen, paper, a bag of sweets, tissue paper, lip balm, lip stick, small bottle of perfume, wet ones tissue, Nail file, nail clipper, one extra glasses, my business cards, my ID, passport, driving licence, all my other IDs and also money from all currencies(very little though, as I hate to carry cash).  Sometimes I have a sandwich and an old banana. Oh well, in case I get hungry on the way.

So that day all I was thinking of is that if I die, no one would know who am I, and I will be like those men and women who die with an unknown identity. Oh my god, I felt sick, I didn’t know what to do, so as soon as I finished the Maghreb prayers I made my way out of the house of god, and walked hurriedly to where the bag was stored! But the door was locked. I almost fainted, I was trying to hold myself up and my thoughts were focused on keeping myself alive long enough till the guard of the safety boxes arrive and I get my bag. I don’t care if I die afterwards or not, I just want to be sure that I have an ID and a phone with me when I die. 

Why are we fixated on identified death? Is it because we may have our face taken when we are dead and published in the papers and dreading how we look after death? Maybe my face will be so swollen that no one will recognise me? So they will bury me in one of those “unknown” graveyards. Maybe I will not be washed properly and wrapped properly? Maybe no one will mourn me until like a year lat when my remains are already disseminated with the earth, and hence no point then? So who will do the mourning party that I had asked my kids to do for me? I wanted them to distribute lots of chocolates, cakes, pastries and all of that sugar that I couldn’t eat (being on diet all the time) to those attending my condolence session! So if I died without an identity this will not happen and by the time the family would have known it would be too late really.

So my thoughts were pouring out of my brain, I thought of that movie where they fix a chip at the back of our necks that registers everything we see or do except ourselves (unless we are looking at ourselves in the mirror or any reflecting surface). Also I thought maybe we need to have that chip that I inserted in my cat that gives her a signal so we find where she is through the Internet.  That chip is a good idea of course, as you can tell where one is at any point in time. I wonder why the CIA’s of any country haven’t used it thus far to track individuals associated with terrorism? Wouldn’t that be better than stopping all of us and checking all of us?  Imagine how much time we will save? We wouldn’t need two hours to check in at airports, and we will just breeze through immigration and customs. 

Well, forget my wild ideas, and focus on not dining in strange places. Macca was the last place I wanted to die in.