Driving back from Abu Dhabi on Friday afternoon, suddenly I got stunned by the flash of the radar, looked at the speedometer and oops its closing on 160 KM per hour. Oh my god, I am a drive-o-phobic person (unsure if there is such word or not, I am sure you know what it means though, my heart pounds, and the palm of my hands drips with sweat when I drive especially if alone on the highway; in actual fact i need to have a towel next to me to wipe of the rain dropping from my hands. So I never drive over the speed limit, what am I talking about, I never drive over a 100 on the highway, just to avoid that feeling, and always try to drive away from the trucks, as they are the monsters on the roads that bring the daymare to my life (as in nightmares).
So my explanation to myself is that I must have gone to sleep as it was really hot, the sun was glaring and I was fasting too which didn’t help, this reminded me of that time when I used to work in a company and had to drive 45 KMs a day to and fro. In those days the roads to perdition (to work) were single lanes, nothing on either side except the sand, and even the camels used to wonder on the highway, so I trained myself to drive while sleeping, and it worked very well, every day I increased it for more minutes, the drive was lovely full of day dreams and magic, I used to dream of the high-rises that now exist on either side of the road, and the multiple lanes that will allow me to be on my own so I can continue to sleepdrive without hesitation. Sometimes I think that the waves of my dreams must have hit the heads of the people that own Dubai and they started the frenzy of buildings, until all these buildings showed up and the roads got so congested to the extent that no one including myself would be able to drivesleep or sleepdrive or whatever you want to call it. Now I am dreaming of cars that can detect dangers on the road and drives away from it. I will be the first person that will buy such car.
Being drivophobic makes me hate to be driven by anyone else, I cannot really hire a driver as I will be watching his or her every move and that way I will never focus on what I need to do ( BBM, TXT, EMAil, tweet or facebook) which is what I do while driving now. The other day I heard that a plane crash happened in New Zealand, and when they checked the phone of the pilot, they noticed that the last thing he was doing prior to the crash is text someone, I thought that was odd, as normally aeroplanes fly on autopilot, so a person hooked to a phone is safe on an aeroplane, but it doesn’t seem so, as this pilot had died. Now I have to change my strategy and stop typing too? Is that going to be the end of my 60000 thoughts a second? Of course not, as soon as I heard this I started to use the voice-note- recorder on the BB, and then emailed it to my daughter so she can transcribe it into a page. She told me off as she knew that I did that while driving. Thus whatever I do they will find out. Maybe the best thing is not to take the phone with me in the car? Or maybe I should courier my phone everyday to the office to stop this madness completely? What do you think blogpals? Tell me honestly.