Everybody needs FOCUS once in a while. Not sure if this applies to both genders, certainley women need to focus more than men. Men seem to be able to concenrate on a single issue at a time, andnare always able to excel as they will complete what they started and move on to the next project and so on. We, on the other hand have a forest of mashrooms growing and multiplying in our heads, we want to do this, we want to do tht and we want to do the other never tired never agitted, and none is completed. I for instqnce have a folder in my microsoft outlook called “New Projects” this consists of all my ideas that are worth it, and have to be done otherwise the world will never be the same; have I actually completed any of these projests? No! Many reasons of course stop me from pursuing these projects. One of them is TIME, as everyone would know, time is of essance, and we are all short of time. These days even watching TV have become very limited, as I have million things to do in just a 24 hours a day. Sleeping had become distracted, as I am worried that if I sleep i am using time that i may need to complete something more important. Or a better explanation is that I dont want to sleep as I have less time to live and do all the stuff that I am created to do. The other more obvious reason is MONEY, without this demeaning thing nothing would work. The least you would need it for is to buy materials, equipment, pay staff and so on, so forth. Without the accumulation of time and money one cannot do anything worth mentioning in this life.

Of course this is not limited to me, many of my friends and acquintances are also thinking here, there and everywhere. One of my friends in Particular is a doctor, an artist, a business woman, a write and of course a wife, mother, friend and many other jobs and this doesnt stop of course, as she is also a mentor, counsellor, advisor, date maker, mariage arranger, etc. She has projects going on that even she cannot handle them, however her projects are so distracted; they do not fit together to make a complete jigsaw, but she thinks that her projects are like her art, it fits the installation category.

Another friend wants to be a Presedent of a country, well, is she going to be allowed? Don’t think so, not if she is living in the arab world; I think even my grand children will not live to see an woman Presedent in the arab world. So this friend is busy trying all sorts of projects just to be as close as can be to her dream. Some other friends are in the charity business, some times they haven’t got a biscuit to eat, but they continue to work to eradicate cancer, malaria, poverty, you name it they want to remove it, but they cannot even help themselves to live in a better place, or have a better life.

Please do not take me wrong, life is good, and each one of us have to help in one way or the other to make it heaven for everyone on this earth. However the means to this end are not attainable to everybody.

By the way, I just returned from an Art talk, apparently during Art Dubai $220,000,000 worth of art was sold to various art collectors. That happened in the span of one week of course. Also I just learnt that one of the women that live in Abu Dhabi has more than 30,000 art works in her possession. All of this in a country that is not dissimilar to other arab country where art is jot even taught in schools, and from the 100 universities in the country, only a fraction actually teach art, to students who have no idea what a portfolio means.

This last paragraph resembles the content of the folder that I told you about earlier. I want to do a book for young artists, I want to have children drawing in the streets, I want to expose graffiti, I want every concrete colour bridge and column to have art drawn on it, I want to start an art school, I want to have an annual children art exhibition. So on and so forth.