Everyone tells me that I am fat and need to lose weight, my kids keep on reminding me of the size of my body parts!!! the trouble is,  I have a weakness for food, and since looking at food makes me put on weight, then I might as well eat it.  This is true folks, my husband can eat a whole box of chocolate without adding an ounce over to his body, on the other hand, I will put on few kilos just by looking at him with disgust!! having been on diet since the age of 18, I am not going to opologise to anyone about my size, and I will eat if I felt like it.  Needless to say, my first ever cookbook was written by an Iraqi chef, and it was one of my most valuable possessions until someone stole it of me.  I learnt all me cooking from it.

Why am I saying all of this? well, I have a friend who sends me blogs about food, just to tease me I bet, but this last blog touched a sore point, we all lived in Iraq for a while (when we went to University there) and we all loved the Iraqi food, which is, needless to say, fatty, oily, rich from all aspects, but we loved it!  we hunted all types of restaurants and joints to try the varieties over there, even we ate in makeshift tents made by old men who sold very sweet Iraqi tea and served with it some sort of rusk which we dipped into the tea to make it softer, and the taste was out of this world.  You will only understand this if you drink that tea.  But hold on, you cannot go there now, they are still killing each other, I just wish that the chefs of the food you will see below are going to be living when the killings subsides and the country returns to normal living conditions.  I am forecasting another 20 years, but who know it may take longer. Of course there are many blogs and forums out there talking about the same thing, I am only addng my own flavour to it,  see this site for example: http://bit.ly/14lElnS

Without further ado, see below and enjoy:

سوف أعرفكم على أشهر ألاكلات العراقية التقليدية والتي توارثها العراقيون جيل بعد جيل والتي سوف تبقى مدى الحياة كأكلات اساسية في كل بيت عراقي


السمك المسكوف

هذه الاكله تشتهر بها محافظه البصره
ولان موقع البصره على شط العرب
فالمسكوف الاكله الاكثر شعبيه هناك



باذنجان محشي باللحم المفروم

برياني دجاج—

برياني عراقي يعمل من لحم الدجاج او لحم الغنم
حسب الرغبه

ويزين باللوز والكشمش وسلق البيض ووضعه على الرز

نعود للاكلات الاخرى الدولمة (محشي ورق العنب أو ألسلق)

ناتي لانواع الكبه وهذه التسميه لا اعرف موجوده في بعض الدول ام
تحمل الكبه اسم اخر

كبه راس العصفور او كبه حامض


مقلوبه ومكوناتها
رز وشعريه
مطبوخ بعد ان يتبل في البهارات واللوز والكشمش
ويضع في قدر ويقلي الباذنجان واللحم والبصل ويضع فوق الرز ويرص
تم تقلب وتصبح شكلها مقل الكيكه

 الشاي ما يحلو الا بعد الافطار

زلابيه عراقيه