My trip to France is not a touristic one but educational as I am here to meet schools that came from around the world just to explain to us their pedagogical inclination and amount of care that they dispose on the students. However as anything else one gets to see portions of the country and imagines how would it be to be a tourist or an inhabitant of that place.

Rouen is an old town! When you walk on its streets you will be walking on the footsteps of 16-18 century and beyond people, horses and carts! Maybe street performers and the killing of Jeanne D’arc being a saint in that time(she was burnt in 1403).  So to the students it’s a great historical place and one can just sit there and imagine what would had happened if one is born in those eras. That’s why I am a true believer of time travel! I feel once we get the science right and  use our brain to its fullest capacity we can travel through time.

The cathedral Notre Dame De Rouen

Rue Du Gros horloge


What amazes me in the west is the love for the past and the heritage. History is important as it gives us lessons for the present and the future so I feel all our countries should maintain its historical sites as that is the only thing that will attract tourists and history lovers and make them flock to our side of the world.

Anyway let’s not forget the Sunday markets and its treasures, the Sellotape not only bring cheeses, fruits, food, plants and vegetables but also old books, antiques, knicknacs and others titbids that may make savor on the past.  Pity that I have lots in my suitcases else I would have carried those plates and old box with me:

Of course when you travel for a short period you don’t want want to waste time shopping or renting taxis, the best is walking around in order to see the place and take as many photos as possible and try the the various foods and drinks, i mean take a crash holiday and enjoy your trip as life is too good and we must always mix work and pleasure.


one must not forget to mention the lovely people one meets in these trips, the friendliness and hospitality of the french people is to be remembered and the appreciation to everything in life is on their highest priority, I loved it here and I am sure my students would too.