It is normal for me to sleep late on fridays. But today I slept really late as I was enjoying my dreams.
You see my freind’s husband died 10 months ago. His family abandoned her and his three kids’ the factory he was running is confiscated by the bank and all the lenders want their money
She was a real housewife, no bank account, no money, she doent have any knowledge of today’s needed technology for work and basically her disaster is multiplied ten folds.
I cannot bekeive that in today’s day and age there are people that are still too dependant on their husbands or their fathers oblivious to the fact that life has so many unexpected happenings and one has
To be a good boy scout. This reminded me of my dad (god bless his soul) he brought us up in a way that we can live even if we were castaway on an uninhibeted island. He tought us to cook, make cloths, read, write, and most of all know our potential so as we do not become needy to any individual in this world
My dreams last night were revolving around this fact, I would love to be the person that teaches girls that they need to own the basic necessities to be able to lead their lives. Teach them that people may help but one can only savour ones success if that success came from ones own hard work and perseverence.
I am thankful to my father and thankful that I can live wherever I want and be able to have a home and any necessities covered. But how shall I start this?