I am just doodling here as I am trying to know how to use this new keyboard that my friend’s daughter had bought for herself.

The keyboard looks nice and handy to have, not too heavy, and it costs only 50 pounds.

So basically if you buy an ipad, you need to have the plastic transparent sheet to stick on the screen, you need a pouch for it so you cannot scratch it, you need a little cover to protect it, you need an ear plug, and now the key board.  You also need to buy every bit of software that is required to have a decently working ipad, and when you want to download stuff you need a special account to pay for these stuff.   

I dont like to think how much money these companies make out of us. So if I really want my ipad to be functional I have to have a bag full of goodies to carry around with me and guess what? the reason for buying the ipad is to be light while travelling.  However still its my nicest gift to myself ever, now its liberating as I dont need to use pad and pen during meetings, the team can get on with the work while driving back from my meeting, time of the essence and at the same time I am saving the planet from using paper.  

So what can Apple do to reduce our purchases? i guess nothing?