Someone had said once that friends appear in ones life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  I had a moment of reflection the other day on this saying, and tried to classify my friends into these compartments, however this was a difficult thing to do, as I tend to keep my friends for ever, and love to see them even though we are living in different countries.  In actual fact I can say with utmost certainty that I have friends in every country, so if I want to visit Argentina tomorrow I will have a friend or two there, one of them is Dana whom I met more than 5 years ago during a Uni trip. I feel happy when I meet my friends, and I feel sad when they have to leave, or I have to leave; one thing for sure though, a part of our heart will accompany each other wherever we are.

However I felt really sad in the past two days, as it suddenly downed on me that one of my friends is gone forever. The kids and I went to her flat to clear her stuff and remove the things that were left behind as she couldn’t carry them with her for various reasons that I am not going to dwell on here.   I must say that every time I find some thing that she really wanted and went on to purchase it lying somewhere in her flat I had that pain in my stomach thinking of why people come into your life and suddenly leave? What makes the thinking of some people different to the others? Why some become doctors and lawyers while others become politicians? What goes into our minds when we decide to take a profession? I must know the answers as this is my job, but while going through my friend’s stuff I couldn’t put my fingers on her nature nor could I find out why she chose her profession. Her profession is the reason for taking her far away from her home, and her profession is the reason we are now apart! in actual fact her profession is the reason she parted from her family and other friends in the first place.  I condemn this profession! (Sorry I am just being silly here)

I am not the type who will just waste time in shopping or going for coffees and
Lunches nor do I have the time to do these things even if I wanted to. I have always been a very busy person.  However when the need arises I will be there for my family and friends and will forget my work, or can postpone it; of course I know for sure that if anything happens to me one day everybody will jump to help.  These days however all my friends are disappearing one by one, and my family are each having their own issues so I am selfishly thinking about myself and what will I do in case something happens? I don’t mean here that everyone should just stay put and stop moving countries or houses simply because they have friends who want them around? All I am saying is that we can have professions that will not make us depart suddenly.

Of course I still haven’t answered the question of why friends cross over to the other side? I am sure their profession is not always to be blamed for that.