What’s with the fruits, blackberry, apple, pomegranate, orange etc? All of these fruits are nutritious, tastes great and are always available (due to strong export market), also these fruits are not expensive, and one of them is mentioned in Quran as being the fruit of heaven. You are going to ask what’s with Suad becoming a health and religious guru all of a sudden.

I am galling about the use of fruits in technology, the companies that started this trend have done really well as the names have stuck to our mind, and to tell you the truth I am sort of hooked to these fruits, oops, I meant gadgets.

With BB only life had become easier, and now with the Ipad it’s even more so. I don’t need to carry my laptop, I don’t need to have pen and paper, the trees are saved and the environment is happy too. And with the introduction of pomegranate people are going to be liberated. You don’t need to have equipment and projectors in the office, and you do not need a TV to be stuck on your wall at home or on a table. See this link( ).

Orange, being a very good telecom company, whenever I go to Europe I will only hook my phone with it, as it’s fast, cheap, and reliable.

One thing comes to my mind, where does this stop? Do we really need these gadgets? Are we going to improve our life and our brains by using them, or are they merely new ways from corporations to make more money off us?

I am a great believer of innovations that improves human beings’ lives, as well as making sure that I use them to improve my own life and create a better lifestyle. However those around me are not as happy as I am, why? Because I am constantly on my gadgets, using them, checking them and having the freaks if I don’t receive a BBM, or the wee light doesn’t blink!!!! I think when that happened that the world had forgotten about me

Well, what is the point is of is blog? I am trying to find out how many Arabs are actually using these services? I am sure many; the 500,000 blackberry users in the UAE were mostly Arab kids. Most importantly I need to know how many Arabs have actually created any gadget of this sort. I don’t think there is any? If there is please let me know, as I would like to meet him and her and give them a big hug for improving my life.