As I mentioned the other day, this was the first time that the sisters and I (except for one who couldn’t make it) gather for few days. We each have friends in Bahrain and normally each one of us go separate ways, this time we shared the friends’ trips too, swam in the pool, played with the nephews and nieces and almost did every thing together. One of our mutual friends decided to introduce us to her friend, she said I must do this because we are cool!

So the coffee morning started with a brief and funny preamble from Nehad (the boss) about each of us. The friend’s eyes popped out, she didn’t know whether to laugh or not, as she still doesn’t know us that well and must have thought that if she laughed at the crazy description of our lives she might offend us or something. Anyway, after telling her about her Casper husband, the face of the other sister’s husband, the vivid description of how I got myself involved and hence move them all to Dubai, the naughty ex husband of my third sister who took off with another wife along with her gold, and that went on for about half an hour until the new friend had enough, so she had to laugh. Anyway, we all had had breakfast at home, but knowing the Halwachi in us, we ate all that was there on the table plus more, all of that was happening, while BB’ing, whatsapp’ing, tweeting, blogging and face booking was also continuing as a matter of factly! Then we heard a question from the new friend’s daughter, who sat there doing her assignment (supposedly) paused a question, she asked why are we all smokers? I said because we are stupid, but the Boss said because it’s fun, and that she will be crazy not to try it. Now I know that if the boss told this to my daughters I will be fuming, but the mother was laughing? I think the girl ended up writing her assignment about us.

Amidst the discussion my sister (oops, the boss) must thought that it was rude not to ask the new friend about her story, it so happen that she is married since 25 years, and also working since 25 years, to the same man and the same boss.  If you think about it, we had all sorts of things happen to our lives in these 25 years; to her it was what’s in the life that mattered not the movement. I agree.

It was a great gathering, the mutual friend that introduced us did well. Anyway, the next day we got a very nice email from the new friend, it’s here without any changes:

عزيزاتي الحلوات ، سعدت جدا بالتعرف عليكم ، وكم انا محظوظة جدا جدا ، لان العادة الواحد يتعرف على شخص واحد او بالكثير اثنين ، يرتاح لهم ، ولكن انا تعرفت على اربع شخصيات مختلفه وجذابه ولطيفه دفعة وحده ، كان فعلا يوم جميل لم اعشه مثله من فتره

طويله ، كنت مع صديقاتي العصر وكنت اضحك بروحي على تعليقات نهاد ، كأني شاربه حبوب هلوسه ، كم ممتعا ان تكون مع ناس جميلين قلبا وقالبا .
وشباب ، خلاص ما بصادق الا صغار ، ، مع الاحتفاظ بكمول

 ، وان شاء الله لقائي بكم امس يكون بدايه لصداقه طويله قويه

I think this is what life is meant to be, you meet people, they introduce new knowledge to your life, and vice versa, so the stillness evaporates and instead you get a rainbow of colours that makes you look into life with a new perspective.

Oh, I shouldn’t forget that I took the three pieces of bread that were left over with me, as mum likes that type of bread. I love leftovers!