Please do not start with me and say that I am discriminating, chauvinist or any of those words that people use when someone  starts comparing.  Differences between boys and girls (or is it girls and boys? just to be PC I mean) had been researched and tested since research as a word had started;  much had been said about brain abilities and physical abilities, no one can say with utmost certainty though that boys and girls are different for sure except in the appearance and in the physical make up of the person.  However in terms of brain ability, I am sure if we have the same conditions and test if a boy and a girl can solve a certain mathematical formula, or discover a scientific composition, both will do well (of course if both had been prepared well, and are in the same frame of mind).

If you want my opinion, I think men and women are the same, they are not equal, as women can do things that men cannot do and vice verse (some men and women do try to defy nature and do the things that either cannot do or are not natural to them, like pregnancy for instance) but beside any scientific interventions, we could have both men and women perform matters of the brain equally well. Some times girls will outperform boys, but that is only because the girls persevere and want to prove themselves, and boys know very well that they will be fine, so why work hard, thus complacency is the reason for not getting the high grades in schools! see the below results for top students in Bahrain for instance:

However we are not under the same condition, and we are not the best in removing mental differentiation and centuries of verbal and subconscious training/conditioning that will make us feel that boys and girls are different and may never be able to outperform each other.  Thus, we see the current state of affairs!

Anyway,  I tend to look after women, and leave the boys to be looked after by the society as the society still favours them (I do at times too),  and whenever there is a show, talk, seminar, women conference, women discussion or any other function for women and girls, I will attend it, why? just to reaffirm my thinking and to further consolidate their work and show it to the public at large.

One of these shows was the exhibition of Zayed University design school final year’s work.  It was fantastic, and equal if not surpasses what I had seen in other places.  The work was of a professional standard, and can be used as is for corporations and government offices.

Here is some of the photos that I had taken during the show:

Three Projects in particular were ingenious and stood out to me for having a very creative thinking and also artistic talents; the first one belongs to the enthusiastic girl who cares for horses and wants to start a hospital so horses are not killed for the simplest thing like a leg fracture;  the second was the project on anger management and how all the nations are the same when anger hits them. The third one is to save the Arabic proverbs! the student wants to collect all the proverbs that are used in the gulf and keep them on cyber space for generations to come.  All of these projects are thought of and designed by the students and displayed in a very attractive way.  I am sure that these students will hit it big in the future, and I wish them best of luck.