This morning I woke up without an alarm, it’s a first of course, even the alarm will not wake me up! I actually have two phones, I set the alarm on both with a five minutes difference between them; the sound of the first one is a startling siren, and the other is a recitation of a Quraan article. I will wake up probably and switch them off and go back to sleep, or someone will wake up and turn them off, or at times I will wake up, intermittently an hour or so after the set time. I can never recall the number of times I missed appointments, and even exams, but I never lost a flight! Why?

Ever since I was little I sleep well, no one can wake me up, and to add to this, I can sleep during storms, hurricanes, crying kids, people fighting or speaking loud in one room, on planes, in taxis, in ordinary cars, and even when driving at times. Once I was returning from London, luckily  I was given a seat with plenty of leg room, and I was utterly knackered from the two conferences I had attended one after the other, so I took the blanket out of it’s pack, borrowed another pillow from the guy sitting next to me, and went to sleep even before the flight took off! I was waken up with a nudge by the same passenger saying that we arrived to Dubai! Fantastic that was, and I tell you guys this was my best ever seven hours in a stretch sleep. Once I went to another city, and this air hostess made her mission to wake me up every 5 minutes. She doesn’t only put the food or drink on the table, she actually shake me up, until I suspected that she was hired by my family just to annoy me, so I pressed that button to call the hostess, and when the same annoying one came, I asked her to send the bursar instead, and complained to her that she keeps on waking me up. Afterwards I went to sleep,  guess what, she woke me up again, oh my god, I almost threw myself from that small window, luckily I am too large to fit in it, otherwise I will not be living to write this blog!!!!

Anyway, what I wanted to share with you today is the thought that I had about having a global phone number. Like your blood type, ID card, date of birth, driving license number, these do not change when you travel or change location, they stay with you until you die, and then of course your date of death, are your own set of statistics that you carry around with you where ever you go. A phone is a necessity, and for a traveler like me, I don’t want to have to buy a number everywhere I go to, nor do I want to pay roaming charges (9 dirhams per minute from India to Dubai) unnecessarily (once i thought of an idea to store the phone chip in with a place to write the number too, couldn’t sell the idea, so instead i bought myself a key chain with a wee album type charm where I store my phone chips).

Like when we reach a place and there is free WIFI we don’t have to have a number from that country? And our location changes by itself, so everyone will know that we are in this new location (mentioning locations, don’t allow this functionality if you don’t know how to handle stalkers, a friend of mine had her twitter location on, and one of her followers went to the same place she was in and sent her a tweet describing her laptop and phone and the colour of her abaya, nasty son of a B excuse my french).

What am I trying to say here is that phone companies need to have a traveling pacts, we pay too much for phones and Internet, it should be like the electricity, a cheap necessity, not something giant conglomerates savour on, and rent out jets to take their lovers on short trips or brag about having large penthouses and what not.

Also I just thought of something else, I never met a rich person, a famous actor, a President, a famous politician, etcetera on any of my trips, how do they travel? Do they have different airports? or do they only use helicopters? Just a thought.