I haven’t been to global village since 2007, everybody keeps bragging about how nice it is and how we can find bargains blablabla, but I kept on resisting it, the last time I went we ended up spending on rubbish, and the food that we ate gave me stomach ache for days afterwards.

Anyway, I had to go tonight as the kidls insisted, There were five of us, so I gave the ticket girl fifty dirhams, and asked for the receipt! She gave me a thirt dirham one? I asked her it’s not the right one, she said that she punched the wrong button, so I accepted it as I didn’t want to creat a scene. Then when we entered, the girl at the entrance scanned the tickets to open the gate for each one of us, and kept the tickets. I was wondering why she kept the tickets, I realised later on that she must have kept them for a reason, then I saw her retrying to the ticket stall and handing those same tickets to the girl at the counter. Why? Well, to me, they are trying to pocket some of the money. I am not sure why the management changed the rules. In 2007, we used to receive pre numbered tickets, that has a raffle drew, this time (of course I am not sure what happened in the previous two years) the tickets were not numbered, and we couldn’t keep them, so those that worked there could try a scam without the management knowing about it. Of course not many people would want their receipts so you could be paying the ten dirhams to the girl and not to the administration of the global village. Someone should figure out a better way to remove the possibility of any fraud.

I am not going to talk about the merchandise on sale at each country’s village, nothing of real value, and most if not all is of similar quality to what is available in Dragon Mart, except the price, here it is double. I must say though that the games machines were not crowded, and the food was tastier, also the cheeses and olives on sale in Palestine and Lebanon, was of superior quality. On another note, I had to buy me a pair of flip flops, and a pulley, my shoes where not comfortable enough, and the stuff that we bought were too heavy. Of course the area the village is built on is huge, so anyone would feel tired, especially if one buys stuff that is low in value but high in weight.