We have a saying in arabic that goes like this “الله لا يضرب بالعصا” which literally translates to: God doesn’t beat one with a stick (apparently it is also a Hungarian proverb) , what does that mean? and why one should not be worried and shouldn’t place harm on oneself or agonise oneself over problematic situations.

We can have many interpretations to this saying, firstly it may means that if someone does wrong against others, then these “others” would only have to say that God will take our revenge, and that is the first meaning. Hence if I do a wrong against you, God will take care of you and eventually I will get the revenge for my cruelty.  This saying would be a first preventer to me to inhibit my wrong doings, as I have been brought up to believe that “what goes around would come around”, and this belief would make us all good people; it can also works for good things, so if I do a good thing to any person or animal or even a plant, I am going to reap my reward eventually.

The second meaning is that we might have done some great work which was denied and was considered someone else work, a judgment that prevented us from gaining a reward for our hard work.  I personally have seen this happen to people that didn’t appreciate my work and considered it lousy, and later on submitted it as theirs. At that time I always put a time and date on any submission, and keep them in a folder.  Thus, when it was eventually submitted as someone else’s work, I was able to prove it. However not every one keeps good record to protect oneself (I recommend this very much so one is protected, especially if the work involves a change in a company that can produce great profits); however even if you didn’t save your submitted work, and eventually it was reproduced by someone else, the stick will be beating that person.  Maybe he cannot implement the process that you had suggested, or there is a loophole that you have omitted and you are the only one who knows it, which would hinder the successful implementation of the new process.

I always give one example that portrays the saying, I know someone that was humiliated by a bank, they thrashed the person, held him at the airport, put him under tremendous pressure and so on; guess what happened? the bank wound up and closed down, I am sure that bank did their atrocious work on many others, so the collective “stick” hit this bank and closed it down.

God doesn’t beat with a stick, and what goes around comes around, and bad work towards other will hit us hard; all of these things are real, and not only in losing ones own money and wealth, it can also give bodily harm even though the person who does the wrong can be healthy; just do some digging and you will see that people or companies disappear just because they did wrong to others.  Countries and governments had also perished because of wrong doing. I wouldn’t think of the correcting systems that were placed to protect the people, as there is a bigger power out there whose job is to protect us against the evil. I and truly believe in that power.


Remember, God doesn’t beat with a stick, do a good job, respect everything on earth, love the stars, live well and keep your worries away, do not resolve to prozac or be depressed, someone out there will take care of them. I have tried and tested this.