I am always amazed when I visit Iman whether for business or pleasure as the country and it’s phenomenal growth in a short span of time is remarkable. Saying that I respect its people as they are still maintaining their dress tradition and as respectful as can be 



The country is undergoing a tremendous growth, with so many malls, shops, restaurants and much more. Huge investment in the education sector is also noticeable with so many  scholarships on offer from various ministries and other sultantic entities which made this year’s exhibition a great success. I could t help but notice that many want to do pilot training Soave there is a secret airline being establish too. The new airport will be opened soon and the new roads are getting completed. 
My friends are as friendly as before and last year’s students came back to take a photo with me which I will share when I get it by email 

Just a word of caution, please don’t let the roads by crowded as I still like the serene Oman