First thing I did this morning (after having my cereal, coffee, a bowl of tablets, talked to the housekeeper, talked to the maintenance chaps who repairing my never ending saga with the fountain, make three phone calls, fill petrol, growl at the fillers for not attending to my car and told them that the heat must have got into all our heads and made us senile, bought chocolate and cakes for the office, reached the office and wrote my to do list for the day) was to answer an email from a company that we did few projects with few years back, they found us again (we never lost them though, and wanted us to work for them again which is great news), then I thought I will brag and tell them that I have a daily blog, so went to Google to extract the link of my blog (I thought I learnt it by heart by now??). Of course, the eternal thing happened, I was checking if my friends had placed a comment, got disappointed that they didn’t, and then I noticed a new icon? “Oh what’s that?” I asked myself, so went on it to find out, and it was a another new development which is a recommendation of a service, a product, an item of news and it’s called +1, you tick it, then your friends will know that you are recommending the item.

Of course this is not the gist of my subject, what I am trying to say here is that you visit the web for one thing, your eyes notices something else, and diverts your attention to it, you click it, then your eyes find another thing, and there you go again; is it our eyes, our left/right brain, Neuro-marketing, is it Google , the advertisers, or is it the umpteen new stuff that comes on the market every day, and we get sucked to it naturally. We have all become suckers for technology, I am friggin’ 55 years old, but I can find stuff on the net, introduce new stuff to myself, open a new gadget and is able to use it instantly, change my iPad 1 to iPad 2 and straight away check my emails, change my laptop to a new laptop without having to lose a single item from it, switch easily between phones, and between writing keyboards, from touch screens, to small buttons, to large buttons, to English, to Arabic, to old style phone with three letters to each key, and the list goes on.

Have you noticed the number of social media sites available these days, I receive invites from hundreds of them, I dont want to try all, as I dont think I have enough time in the day to do all of this and earn money to live and pay for all the things our eyes notices while on-line. So I got stuck to facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, my blog, our company website, and a few other websites that requires my opinion.

Not sure if you have noticed the new fad, you can have your own news paper, did you know this? Well, my consultancy is not free, if you want to know, you must invite me for a nice cup of coffee, bring your iPad along. Then you can learn it while I tell you how; check mine so you know how nice it is

This is the age where you will be a wave on the web, rather than a person walking the streets, or exercising, our bodies will shrink, our heads will swell, our fingers will become longer (we may even grow a thumb from texting too much), and new born will have a shape that I dont even want to imagine, maybe soon we will plant a widget in the foetus to make him learn languages while sleeping? Who knows?

What scares me is that, we get to know the minds of the people before getting to know them personally, we can be full of judgments and ambiguities to the extent that we may hate them or love them without even knowing them in person which could be another ball game. The ramification of this conspiracy theory is huge, we need another session, which reminds me that I have an email to answer and a to-do-list to accomplish, and my daughter is waiting for me to go to China sourcing fair to deal with some companies in the Far East.