imageimageWell this is so difficult for me to write and I feel no one will understand me especially those that didn’t have children of their own! But having grandkids is a life changing affair.

I am saying this because I never used to look after myself and never felt the urge or inclination to wish for a longer life, nor did I feel that I have to be healthy or do exercise and things like that. I never thought of leaning new things and experimenting kids toys as well as checking the stories that are out there. However now I am doing all of these things so my grandkids can have a nourishing life and want the schools to be better and wish that the world is a better place for them to live in.

Today and after saying bye to the three delicate grandkids and seeing how the middle one of them cried that I am leaving I felt that life is worth living and I wish to stay healthy to see them till they graduate and get married.
So please God keep me alive