This morning I am not going to feed you on the regular head-hurting, heart-pumping news and make you feel that OMG! Suad is going deep and deep down a dark road :), I had some humerous thoughts and decided to share, 

I often wonder what it feels to have a handy person around the house, you wake up one morning and the false ceiling drops on your head (metaphorically of course), your partner screams: call the maintenance! So you do, they qoute, you accept, you pay  and then they repair, sometimes this could take a week! All the time you are scared something may come out from that whole in the ceiling (you know like in the ghost busters movie, as that is the maximum horror I can subject myself to), so you imagine that if there was a handy person in the house, first he or she will cover the hole with newspaper, then will run to Satwa to buy the piece, runs home and fixes it in a matter of hours your kitchen is back to normal again.  

Fixing paintings around the house is my biggest worry, I tried that once and we had too many holes to cover, we had to re-paint the whole wall!!! If there was a handy person those paintings that are now sitting idle in the corridor of the house would be already hung or stashed away in the storage until such time that we will fix them.  The cracks and smears on the Walls of the house are also ugly, if there was a handy person, a paint job would be faster than blinking your eyes! I wonder what would have happened if we had a handy person around the house?

To all the handy persons around the world, I salute you. And my advice to my son and daughters is to marry handy persons, as us, I mean my whole family, cannot hit a nail with a hammer without rushing to the hospital to bandage the finger that you hit with the hammer instead. 

Do you think that after one finishes school or university one should go to a school (let’s call it the school of life), whereby, one learns all that is needed to learn in order to have a comfortable life, like sewing buttons, altering dresses, pants and other clothing items, or even re modelling one of the old cloths to a new dress or shirt. Also one should learn the simple day to day jobs like changing a light bulb (i wonder if you remember the joke that goes, how many women are needed to change a light bulb? Five, one fixes the bulb and four carry the woman hehe),  I don’t mean here that this school should be specific for girls or boys, these general skills are like typing or learning how to use a software, we never link this to gender, why on earth  when it comes to doing jobs around the house, or sewing, or cooking or gardening, we attribute these jobs to gender and of course the jobs are the ones that suffer, as they will remain there for ever.  

Did you know that the house is a living organ! it breaths, has a heart,a urinary system, veins, blood etc. So if we the people who live in that house do not look after it, the house will soon die, it is the same as a human being who has been neglected, we need to look after our homes, and give them a bit of positivity, and change their look and freshness. 

If I go back to being sixteen again, I will go to a cooking, sewing, plumbing, carpentering, painting, picture hanging, masonry, gardening, you name it of classes I will do it. This needn’t take longer than a year and could be counted as  the gap year that we all need to do prior to embarking on university studies.  Maybe we even need to learn marriage skills, child bearing skills, problem solving skills, and the many skills that they never teach you in universities or business schools (I don’t want to say 10 things you never learn in Harvard business school)

To me, I think we should change the way we run our lives in totality, schools need to have an after school time for learning life skills.  Tell me how many of you never learnt how to swim? I for example cannot ride a bike? And can only swim in the shallow side of the pool, that is disgraceful! Don’t you think? 

Who is going to do this for our new generation?