IMG_2474.JPGThe new year is upon us, its my normal way to remember what happened in the previous year and to think about the new year.


2015 was a weird year, I travelled a lot for work, worked on the paperwork of a new university to be established in Dubai, published articles in newspaper in Bahrain, published an article for WISE, spoke in conferences, met over a 1000 students, went to so many exhibitions, opened an office in Abu Dhabi, and so on.  I feel that it is one of the most productive years in my life.


On a personal note, my grand daughter became three, my grandson became one, a new grandson on the way, went on a holiday, and met an old friend that I had lost contact with. I also read so many new books, watched a lot of movies and learnt new things.  I did a course on personal motivation and another one on increasing the energy level with crystals.  the book that i am writing is soon to be published as few more pages will be written.  I hope that it will be published int he first quarter of 2016. I have also written some short stories for my grand daughter and hoping to publish them in the second quarter of the year.


As you can see, it was busy, and I am having a distinct feeling that 2016 will be very busy too.


We are thinking in our heads to move back home and say goodbye to Dubai that hosted us for 35 years;  I have made many friendships in Dubai, it will be hard to say goodbye, but the good news is, I am keeping the office and will be travelling back and forth for work and will continue the work for new universities to be established. Already a new person had contacted me looking to start a new one wants to start in Dubai, and I am hoping that all these project come to fruition.


Good luck everyone and hope that you will all have a healthy, wealthy year filled with happiness and prosperity.