Be Happy, take everything with a pinch of salt, do not let anything upset you, smile!

I have a feeling that some of you are going to tell me off for being so optimistic about life today? well, it is the end of Ramadan, the month that we fast in it during the day, and stay up during the night, the month that missed up my whole system this year; I have never in my life stayed up till 5 everyday and of course this is the first time that I completely fast the whole month (of course apart from three traveling days). Every year I feel dizzy, and stop fasting for few days, then fast again until the month is over; this year I didn’t feel dizzy,thirsty or hungry even though the weather was so hot; the thirst was not that extreme, and the hunger was virtually non existing. Even at work we did more work than we normally do in the limited 6 hours of work. According to the statistics, we registered 110 students this month, compared to less than 50.

Back to why I am writing this post, for few weeks I have been telling myself that nothing matters really, there is no reason to be upset, or to feel sad, life is too short and we have to overcome any situation that puts us in the unhappiness mode very quickly so we regain our smile, and the blood of happiness is pumped again into our veins. I had figured a way to stay smiling and optimistic, simply put, just have a funny thought in your mind, and play it on and on till your mind believes it, forget about what is happening around you from disappointments, bad expectations, unfulfilled wishes, untruthful friends, problems with the house, pipes that are not functioning, loans that cannot be paid, staff that are not as productive as they need be, husbands that are not the ones you married to few hundred years ago, kids who do not deliver what you thought they would, this list can go on and on, I committed to mention the diet that doesn’t work, and the balding head, and the continuing heat due to old age. Why did I leave old age till the end? well because that is the reason why you have to be happy and continue to smile, you are getting older not younger, and for when you get older, the none smiley face will give you a sad smile mouth, and that is a look that you want to avoid, (this is for those owners with dogs) as your face is going to look like a bulldog, dangling cheeks an upside down crescent of a mouth.

Happiness is a state of mind, smiling is more natural than frowning, and feeling high is far more charming than feeling low. you gain more friends, and make all your enemy envious as they know that their red eye is not harming you. Last but not least God will love you more as you believe that the universe will sort itself and come your way, your frown repels the good vibes, and your smile attracts the good life that you are meant to have. Believe me, I have tested this theory, and have scientific proof for it, see this talk and I am sure you will more than agree

In Quraan smiling was mentioned in so many places, the one time that it struck me as unusual is when Prophet Solomon smiled and laughed when the ants told each other to run away before Solomon and his soldiers crush them. I loved this part, it clearly shows how fulfilled he was as god gave him the power of understanding the speech of every living thing.

and last but not least, you will live longer if you smile more.

Lets smile, you will make every one around you smile too.