I didn’t get the time to go to HP last movie as work piles up on me when in Dubai.  So I used the bit of time that I had in London to see it;  And since I had cleared my mind, and was waiting to see this more than anticipated movie, I saw every thing in it. The graphics, the clothing, the castle, the students and how they grew older since the year 2001 when the first one was released. Also how the teachers became older, lord V and his killer instincts, the snake, and watched the people moving in those wall hung pictures, Amazing work of art, and to say that all of this had come out from this woman’s brain, it makes the amazement more amplified.  I was not happy, as I didn’t want HP to perish, and seriously wanted his wand to be his protector; did you know that I never watch horror and thriller movies? Maximum is Scifi’s and action like conspiracy theory and lethal weapon series; my kids say that I need to go to those ones as one need to have some adrenaline pumped up to the blood, however I prefer to have my adrenaline pumping up while watching a check flick, or a drama movie, and weep like a person who is mourning.  So they asked me why I liked to watch to watch Harry potter? In actual fact I don’t know why I like to watch it? Was it the magic? Or the imagination? Or because I liked and admired the writer? I followed the trailer of her new website until it opened.  Have you actually seen that trailer till the website was opened? Truly and amazingly amusing, the spiders, the owls and the movements, I know that you will all say that this is simple stuff and like a screen saver, agreed? But have you seen anyone doing a website with a screen saver like this? Dont think so, on hindsight everything is possible. So there you go, JKR have done it again, and when the new website was opened, her video shows a transferred woman, one that was writing the first book in a teeny weeny cafe to keep warm, to a person wearing designer clothing, living in a mansion. 

I tell you fellow bloggers, this woman had toppled it, if any one had won the jackpot, she has.  All the books, and all the movies had been a real delight, and I will treasure them all the time.  try this trick for me, go to google search, and type the first letter of your name! Nothing happens, you google may wait for you to type something or it would right some not relevant at all, but, type H and straight away Harry Potter will show up. There you go.

Funny thing is, I have always taken the kids with me (them and their cousins or friends) this time I went with a friend, why? Because they had all grown out of it, and jumped into the world craft games or other stuff that are more interesting to that generation.  The movie house that I went to was a 2D one, was relative.y empty, but the 3D was apparently full and many didn’t get seats.  

I will leave you to wonder why I didn’t go to the 3D show.