Well, this is true, you can devise your own newspaper. The one that you have always thought of owning, the one that has in it only those news that interests you and your friends. The one that shows your own personality and your own path in life. Of course you must be wondering what I am on about? I was checking twitter one day, I clicked on a link one of my tweeps has posted, I saw a paper that has his name? I am sure that by now you have known me to be very inquisitive (to say the least) so I read the stuff, and decided to go on the website itself, read few points, and viola, I had my own paper http://paper.li/salhal1/1306601579?utm_source=subscription&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=paper_sub of course I didn’t understand at the beginning how it works, and were it brings its information from, then I noticed the little photos on the side of each article! oh my god, these are tweets! so, if you are consistent, and follow the right tweeps (those that interest you) or the right subjects (those subjects that relate to your work, or aspirations) then the paper will show only that.

Say for example that you are a doctor. What will be interesting for you? I would say technology used for health, any research prepared for medical reasons, new hospitals, new types of surgeries, new discoveries, medical jobs, salaries paid to doctors, etc. Also a doctor is a human being, so he or she maybe interested in Art, politics, some business and so on; so you choose your subjects carefully, then when you create your paper, you will have only those items that you want to read about. Also this comes to your email inbox, and is saved for you to refer to whenever you want to read it or use it in the future. The trouble that I have with twitter is that it is difficult to read those shortened links, if you do click on the link and read it, the tweets would be dripping faster than rain in a storm, to the extent that you will not be able to read them and further more you will miss what is important. So keeping a paper is like taking clippings of your favorite articles and storing them near your bed until the day comes when you decide to read them. Also think of how many trees you will be saving. For example I am a subscriber to 10 magazines, and two newspapers. What I read from these is a fraction of what is printed on them, and the rest goes for recycling, so what I pay for them doesn’t equal the benefit received. I am not sure though if I should just discontinue my subscriptions or not. I know for sure that many businesses are going to to go out of business soon, and the first ones are the newspaper and magazines. Knowing me, I will spread the word around like fire in a forest, soon everyone will follow suit, and quit buying magazines and papers.

Here how it works: just go to www.paper.li, and create it, have your own editorial, which you can change daily and then of course share it on twitter which is linked to your other social media pages, soon, people will know how you think, what you think about, and your solutions to every problem. It aint ganna be better than that.

happy reading.