Since we started our Facebook page for charity, I have been getting so much interest in the concept and people were wondering why on earth they didn’t think of that concept before. Basically the page is called “kill poverty by education” and that is exactly what the charity is supposed to do, we will eradicate poverty by educating people.  

Education is not just in terms of receiving qualification whether it being high school or university, it could be vocational, special skills, micro finance and so on.  We were supposed to establish a charity that will have members that can pay nominal amounts, members who can teach, and members who will run the management and promotion of the charity itself.  Think about it, if we have 1000,000 people who will pay 10 dollars, that is ten million dollars, think of how much we will achieve with this amount; phenomenal result.  

We are not going to take the place of the governments, as they are doing what they can, but we will be in the midst of the villages, talking to parents of low socio economic background, finding out what is missing in their lives, what speciality that village has in terms of handicraft and skills, and we will exploit those specialities. We will impose a home learning arenas so the kids and the parents do not have excuses that prevents them from learning. For example I heard that in some families the girls do not go to schools due to shortage of Abayas, we will have an abundance Abayas so the girls will not excuses either. Also we heard that some families do not send their boys to school as they need them to make money from jobs like washing cars, carrying the bags of shoppers and other menial jobs that kids should be prevented from doing as it is child labour.  

The problem! Well of course we will face problems, firstly we must register the charity organisation, something that will take forever. Secondly the trust and ethics, are we all going to be trusted by others that we will practice what we preach? Not sure really, as money turns the person upside down, and changes the hearts from a loving organ to an evil.  Governance is a huge issue to me, and that is the reason for being so agitated with charity organisations, especially when I heard that 70% of the funds goes towards organisational matters, and only 30% is actually provided to the cause.  So how do we turn this around? This is the question of the century. 

Of course on a small scale I am involved now in finding funds to send some high ranking students abroad, and this too have been a tiring experience, as no one have so far came forward easily with funds that will be sufficient to help those students finish their studies.  Well, I am not giving up, one day we will work it out and prove that what we are trying to do is an essential part of this organisation.