I wonder why we are all obsessed with History and historical things, I yet to find a person who looks at today and tomorrow; we always say, I regret not having done that, or I wish I had got that, and why didn’t I go there! The exclamation marks continue. Look at most of the studies, stories, novels and so on, they all depend on historical data, events and happening, of course this is human nature, for example when someone has an accedent and loses ones memory, everybody including the doctors try very hard to get that memory back? Why? So the person knows his or her history. This conclusion means that History is important and we have to document it, like write a journal, or start a memoir.

Why am I writing this? Well, I am not saying, mum is the word! If a person wants to keep his or her history a secret, for whatever reason, I think people should not probe and try to find out what that person did in the past. Many people did things that they are not very proud of, or maybe they had memories that are painful so probing doesn’t help. Especially if we knew a person after that person had changed his of her life and became a different individual, then we must work with the individual to keep that part of his or her life under cover.

Does it work! No, I think that history is important, as it’s the reason for shaping ones life, without a past there is no present and no future, even the language uses these three terms, past, presnet and future tenses have been there for a reason, not just to conjugate the verb. So my advice to friends, husbands, wives, employers, colleagues, and every one in between, please do not judge people by their past, look at them in the present and picture yourselves with them in the future, this person is a person because his or her past was such that made him or her like this.

Us the human beings are prone to querying and being inquisitive, I think we were cats before we became humans (oops, I hope I am not judged for saying this, it’s just a figure of speech) as cats want to know everything, my cat goes inside bags and boxes to find out what’s inside them, and I think us too do the same, we want to get into people’s heads to know what’s inside them, and if there is nothing, we get upset? As we have become friends, colleagues, husbands, wives etc with someone who has no history inside that skull!