My son went on his honey moon on sunday, of course we were waiting ofr his call since then, he called me this morning at about 1 or 2 but of course I was fast asleep. It seems he is enjoying himself, missed few things, and noticed few other things, that frankly I never noticed when I went to France. So here is he remarks to the french governement: “Hey guys, Were in Paris, and the weather is lovely, sorry we haven’t called you but it has been a crazy day. We’ll try to find a phone card tom row while we adventure around some more. After tomorrow Eurooo disney!! can’t wait. Theres so many people here. I don’t remember it being so busy. Notre dam had a line up the road. Louvre was zoo full! (we didn’t get in btw, because we didn’t know it closes at 5.30 {thanks for not telling us}) and we can’t go tomorrow because they close on tuesdays (how stupid is that{mama write a blog about it, and at the same time write a blog about how they don’t have escalators or elevators in paris shops, and many shops are not made for disabled people}) anyway. Just wanted to let you know that were alright. everything is good at your end” I am putting these remarks here to serve two things, first, my son remebers us during his honey moon, and secondly, he believes in my power as a blogger, I doubt very much that the parisiens are going to listen to me and install escelators and sliding walkways to the French and other handicapped tourists now, its too late for this decaying lovely city. but i feel that i must do this for the good of the world. One day I am going to live in France for at least a month, and continue my french language learning. I feel that is going to open doors for me. Orevoir a bien tot.