It’s a very hot day to do chores by car, I think the temperature topped the normal workable temperature, we all should be indoors or dipped in swimming pools rather than be outside. Having said that, it took me more than an hour to reach my destination. I think we are marching back to Dubai 2005-2008 when we got stuck in traffic-jams for hours,  at one of those times I thought of having the driver’s seat as a toilette convertible, no one agreed with me, and preferred to have a financial crisis instead (eyes rolled), I wonder if any of the car manufacturers actually thought of that?
Talking about funny ideas, I often have them, like for instance when I lose my car in car parks, I thought of having a remote control gadget that takes you direct to your car while making that bbbbbb noise when you are close to the car, and fewer beeps when you are far from it. Also once I was completely stressed out, so my son decided to treat me to a new type of bubble bath that has a soothing aroma, I am fidgety, so I decided to read the art of war from my Ipad, and of course its hard to keep the Ipad away from the water and the bubbles,it loves to bathe too! so I thought if someone would make a bar that will set on either side of the bathtub and has a space in the middle to make the Ipad stand on it, it would be fun, that way I can de-stress and read at the same time. Another idea is to have voice detector/ to answer my email, instead of me typing, I can talk, and the voice writes. Of course, I never take myself seriously and follow through with the idea, that is why I am not a Zillionnaire.
The other day we were talking about why Arab kids don’t like Arabic language, my son was saying that when he wants to find a definition of an English word, every dictionary/encyclopedia/wekipedia/younameedia on this earth jumps to the first page calling on you to open their links and giving you precise definitions as well as suggestions of how to use the word.  Try putting an Arabic word, all you will get is some forum here, and an article there, but no dictionary? so my son asked me how do I get the meaning of a word, I told him I have Almunjid, or some other Arabic dictionaries, he searched but couldn’t find them on line.  I showed him a link on Itune store that is called the Project Gutenberg, the owners converted all the classic books to Ebooks including the likes of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland to Ebooks, for western kids would read them electronically.  So our idea is to have the Arabs do the same and convert a thousand and one nights and the other ancient Arabic books to Ebooks. However, we stumbled upon few problems, for example who is going to do that? government, NGO or private? Sunni or Shea, Arab-United or country by country? also the advent of Arab spring, the fights between the countries, and the troubles between the people and their governments are also few other possibilities that is going to be faced by the people who will work on the project.  So the evening ended by us deciding that the Arab kids will not have money to own Ipads, hence no use of having Ebooks, and also the Arab kids are busy trying to survive from bombs and being slaughtered, hence  finding a definition for a word sets last on their agendas. 
Last but not least, my genius idea of covering Dubai with a bubble and having air-conditioning running all the time will not find the light of the day, hence I am not coming up with new ideas any more.