I am so used to staying in hotels in the world now more than when I was at an age that will make me enjoy the benefits of staying in hotels (gym, pool, spa, Jacuzzi, and so on). however I have an eye for the decor and the design, and can some time see if the place is done up by a woman or a man, or it was just a replica of the chain of hotels which originally produced by a company by some unknown designers. The paintings in hotels are also interesting, only in few that I saw real paintings by famous artists, and some real sculptures too. Most of the hotels will only buy copies or prints of original paintings, its not that the guests will take the painting away for example, its just that the ownership and management is such that its separated, and those hired to do the job, may not put them selves in the shoes of the guests and think that maybe the guests are paying big bucks and deserve to have the best? well, it will be rare to find such managers.

Okay, why did I write the above long sentence that you need to read in one breath?? because of the contrast that I witnessed on this trip. The hotel in Queenstown is a standard chain hotel, the rooms are similar size, and the furniture are the same too, however it was done in an exquisite way. Some photos will show what I really mean:

The other hotel, is in a place that is not recognized anywhere in the world, despite having the largest university in the southern hemisphere, and 4 other colleges that are producing world class education. Palmerston North is the city, and the hotel is (I think) one and only, built (I think) by the owner and unique! Many African art pieces are scattered around the lobby, and inside each room, I surely hope that the fur piece placed on the bed is not real, otherwise my dreams tonight will surely be very interesting, some photos here and will leave it for you to decide which one you prefer:

Right, one of the Pictures do not belong to either hotels. I put it by mistake, and would like you to point it out. Good night for now.