I owe my opinion to my readers, even though I am not in Bahrain, and didn’t live there for over 30 years. However I followed all the troubles of my Bahraini mates without getting involved in the events, many of these events happened while I was fighting for my kids to be able to go to their country and see it with their eyes. My son and daughters went to bahrain for the first time only 9 years ago! They loved it even though they have seen most of the civilised western countries! this is proof that they are Bahrainis through their DNA.

I feel, that we the Bahrainis are very few, we are all civilised, educated, sweet, lovely, kind and some of us are even considered cute. Most of my friends are inter married to people with different faiths and beliefs, we gather and laugh and forget that some of us are from different schools of thoughts, we help each other and most importantly, we know the names of those that clean our streets, pour petrol in our cars, check our groceries in supermarkets, sell us fish and shrimps at the side of Budaie road. What I mean here is that we love each other, and we all want to live in harmony, and peace. We all want to have our passports renewed and sent to us by courier rather than have to queue at the passport building. We all want Egovernment, we all want top universities, we all want freedom of speech, we all want to be able to change jobs and start businesses without any prejudices, we all want to have the best in life, we all want to have enough money to support each other. We want to enjoy life, we want to be like the west plan our social agendas around art, theatre, friday markets, and the arrays of activities other people in civilised countries enjoy without any fear that maybe when I go out in the streets I will receive a plastic bullet that may smash my forehead.

A call to all Bahrainis, please unite and help each other, we need to have one voice that calls for removing lies and anti protestors propaganda. I hope that Bahrain allows international news agencies to be present when this massacre happened, at least the truth would have prevailed. I want to know who stopped them and why?