I personally do not believe in doctors, dentists, and the many arrays of health practitioners these days as most of them are money hungry and want the patient to spend as much money as possible so they can earn more.  Also the allied practitioners like pharmacists, lab technicians and the likes have stimulated a link with the doctors so if the latter sends them a patient then the doctor will receive part of the proceeds too, i.e. if the patient pays a 100 dirhams, the doctor will receive say 50 dirhams!

Think of the implications of this practice! It’s not only unethical, it also impacts on life as a whole. Economically the price of medicines would double, and the patients are the ones that have to bear two things, firstly their disease and secondly their being out of pocket.  Imagine if this practice would carry on in every country, and the ramification therein, incredible isn’t it? And guess what, pharmacies these days issue OTC to anyone and some of these medicines I feel should not be sold over the counter and if so not to anyone, for example my daughter and I are travelling, so she wanted to buy something which will make her sleep through the 18 hour flight, the pharmacist gave her sedatives? Would these medicines not be abused by today’s youngsters. I guess so. 

Thus, off late I started to look up my symptoms on the Internet and find out how to treat whatever it is I am feeling, if I had a headache I type exactly how I feel and bingo, the medical explanation comes up on the screen, or if not, the good old home remedies suffices.  My stomach pains are always treated with Margadoosh, and my headache with Vicks, and my leg pain with honey!  If my hair falls then it’s mayonnaise, and if my hand gets eczema then I would use garlic and stink the whole day of course. My blood pressure is checked by myself on our blood pressure gadget. Of course if it’s high then I drink lemon and honey, or just go to sleep:)

Anyway, to make a short story long?? Or should this be the other way? I think that my thoughts are mixed up, as I am thinking how on earth can we treat diseases that are not so straight forward.  For example hormone imbalance? Or cancer? Or heart palpitation etc. Here is where I get stuck, I am not a doctor, nor can I cure people or myself, and despite my distrust to this health nation, I will have to go to them. However that is me, what about people who are in denial and would refuse to listen that they may have a problem and that they need to see a practitioner? And if their symptoms persevere then can I drag them to a hospital? Or just ignore the problem hoping that it would just disappear?

Ok, let’s cut the chase, my husband had dislocated his shoulder,he is in so much pain that he cannot left anything and do any drastic movement.  One of my students is a physiotherapist, he provided him with a session but it didn’t help. Please give me an advice, or direct me to an ethical doctor.