My regular/normal/obvious/etc day is nothing but me, my laptop, my phones and ? do you know I went blank for a minute thinking what else does me normal day entails?i was hoping it will entail going out with friends, having coffee, going for a walk in the mall and shopping; but that is not my normal day.

This is true, its my laptop and my phone messages. In the past, students used to call, so I would receive on average 20-40 calls a day from young kids who want to study abroad.  Nowadays, I will receive a hundred messages on whatsapp from kids, not the same kids of course, as those are already in university, or graduated and working! gash I cannot believe how fast time flies.

I would wake up in the morning and start my day 9after showering and changing to my work cloths) by checking my phones for messages, tweets, links, facebook comments, linkedin requests (these are endless and mainly for those that think that I have a reruitment company) and so on.  Then I would go down and have my breakfast, while watching a TED show, check on the cat and the turtle, see what is there for lunch, and go to the office.  My office is anywhere I decide it to be, it could be my office, or the room at home I call my office, or the cafe next to our house.  Actually these days, anywhere with wifi is an office.  Work for me had become very electronic, which is fun really, as you hit the send button, and soon another message gets delivered to you.  An endless supply of messages and emails and life goes on.

Sometimes I try to start my laptop but it doesnt work so I hold it and pray, or restart it and pray, sometimes I even give it a kiss!  it does work eventually.  So when my emails start loading, I notice that there is one with a survey, oh and there is another one, so I gather all the ones with surveys and work at them until I finish them all, we cannot keep those researchers hanging there can we now? most often than not, i also tweet these surveys so other people would participate too, I have no way in checking that they did, but at least I cleared my conscience.  Sometimes something purposly takes me to facebook or twitter, and when that happens its Pandora’s box.  I will be like a butterfly trying every flower and sucking the goodness from every rose, going from one place to the other.  Even if I decide not to go on any of the sites, I had to do that at the end as one of the emails would say please like our page, so I have to do that otherwise I am breaking the email-social media bylaws.

Many a times I will go through my documents just to arrange them into folders, so at least my laptop is more organised than my closet. That too can take me for ever as I will be reading something that I had seen few years ago, and it would break my heart to hit the delete button, its like getting rid of your prettiest dress that you doesn’t fit anymore.

Of course the new things that are happening in the electronic world are amazing, I am now a member of Cursera translation team, so I translate the courses to arabic, and that too goes haywire at times as I find something intersting so I register for it, or I like the subject that I am translating so I will be reading and understanding instead of translating.  The eternal learner, that is me. How Bizarre is that

At the end of all of this, my husband (who is a partner in the company and fit to be a commander in an army) shouts as we (the staff and I) are being slack, and don’t go to the office early morning to answer every phone and every email like normal human beings.  Is this what life had become?