It is a surprise when you meet people and see that they had a similar life turbulance to youself, but it is more surprising that how dissimilar each individual had run his or her own life.  We all wake up in the morning, we all do our chores whether its at home or at work, we all face diffiulties in our bodies, we all try to reach a life balance in terms of work, play and rest, however not all of us reach what we want and our ambition in the same way. 

Some people can have it naturally, without any struggle, but with perseverance, others have to put more energy in their work to get a similar result.  Some can have hobbies and are active in their communities and some have to work really hard to make ends meet.  Some take up job that they don’t like just to be able to live, and here I am talking about the laborers and the workers who come to foreign land to do menial jobs and are paid very little for them, and I am also talking about those that live in their own country and have to still do jobs that they don’t like or do not match their expectations but are running their lives despite this. 

Even marriage is not a straight forward affair to all people, some get married, some stay married for life and are happy and some ask for  divorce for the many known reasons for divorce. Those that ask for divorce may or may not think of their kids and the effect of divorce on them, and talking about kids some may have kids and some may not. And when the kids come to us, life as we know it will not be the same, we deal with so much while raising them, are they good at school, do they have learning difficulties, are they doing well in high school, are they doing their activities and completing their assignments, which university will they go to? and who are they going to get married to? then we wait for their children and so on.

So life is not a very straight forward thing, the number of variables that we have to deal with in everyday life are so large that we need mathematical formula to deal with them. From the time of waking up in the morning we deal with the question of whether we should wake up or not? then comes to the breakfast time, what kind of cereal are we eating, should we have cheese and jam, how is our egg cooked, what type of bread should we buy? lunch is a similar dilemma and dinner is a different kettle of fish.

What brought this about? I met two women, who each married a guy who turned out to be non supportive, non working, not romantic, not helpful, not open for any suggestions, not talkative, not not and not. One of the women just had a great outlook in life and was full of positivity, so she worked and made life easy for her kids, her husband and herself while the other woman sulked and wating for omething to happen to make her life better.

Choices, many of them are there so please grab life by the balls, and be happy.