These days large companies have the facility to follow government tenders and have many staff that look after these tender submissions, we (the SMEs) on the other hand, do not possess that many number of staff that can find the tenders and process them, or has the financial ability to follow through with the requirement of the tender for the simple reason that the governments do not pay on time, and that too if they pay at all (have worked before with them and they never paid me to the notion of half a million dirhams). So I have been wondering how to tackle this issue?

It is known around the gulf and the rest of the middle East that corruption in govermental departments is mind boggling; in actual fact none of the middle eastern countries have been visible in this so called international anti corruption code.  Most of the Europeans, and Australasia are evident on the top of the non corruption list, but we don’t even know the diffence.  So, my theory is, we need to plant the seed in the minds of our students from little hood that corruption is not only bad for the person as in religionwise, but also bad for the country as a whole.  The trust that foreigners may have in us is not that high, and we will lose out on international recognition.  If the kids learn this like they learn that brushing their teeth, eating well and dressing well are facts of life, we will have a healthy society that is respected and trusted. 

Reaching this goal is simple, we need to test the teachers, advisors, principles and everybody that comes in contact with the children first, to see that they themselves hold anti-corruption attitude in their mind.  The testing is very simple, and doesn’t cost much, any type of psychometric tests can do the trick.  Then we have to have mechanisms to report corruption without being scared of imprisonment or fear of deportation. This mechanism has to be sacred, no one can manipulate it or is able to whitewash the names of those reported.  

Then, we have the role of the masjid and the imams in the masjids, they should use the Jumaa platform to continuously remind the people about corruption behaviours and warn them of the consequences.  Corruption is not to be taken lightly, it ruins nations, and can kill us all.  We have to remember that the age of the child is the X factor in learning this habit, so mums and dads are very important to instil the anti cheating, anti lying, anti stealing into the child.  The love for money and the happiness it brings is the basic entry criterium in the realm of corruption, so we need to have the philanthropy element as the background shield for every field of life that we teach that sponge of a brain.   

Unfortunately I will not be here to witness the advancement of this field, if there are young readers that follow my blog, please when you are 60, check the anti corruption lists and see if any of the middle eastern countries are on it.   I will be happy in my grave. 

I will leave you with an arabic poem:
انما الامم الأخلاق ما بقيت.  فان هم ذهبت أخلاقهم ذهبوا