As usual, I was driving on the highway to start my day’s work, listening to Abba’s song “the winner takes it all” and wondering whether I will be a winner today or not; I was watching how people drive in Dubai, and how they can easily kill each other. I couldn’t help but notice the dents on the barriers along Shaikh Zayed’s road from the careless drivers who did a worng turn and took on the way few lives with them; I was thinking how many people got killed on this road alone when I spotted my lovely daughter driving to her work place. 

She looked confident, and I remembered how much she wanted to drive a car since she was little, she loved it so much, so one day I had let her drive my car in the neighborhood for a film she was making for one of her school assignments. I think I still have that film, it was really lovely.  Of course she is not that little anymore, she managed to clear two degrees and one minor at university, persistently looked for a job, and she got a temporary one once she arrived back from KIWI land.  While at this job, she continued to look for other jobs and went to so many interviews, I am sure she will be getting a great job.  A Million companies would kill for that girl, as she is bright, brilliant, superbly dressed, no nonsense, pretty of course and very very confident.  She lectures me on how I am running my business, the one she refused to work in until she gets enough experience to grow it (she says).  All of this was going on in my mind while driving close to her car without her spotting me. 

Then I saw it, the tire is low on air, oh my god, that is a one drastic thing to have in the middle of the road, I didnt know what to do, and I had promissed myself not to talk on the phone while driving, but I had to,  called her number and when she replied, I screamed, slow down, slow down, as your wheel is low on air, and go straight to the pertol station (she was close to that).  I didnt want to startle her as I am sure she had never experienced a flat tire, its horrible, I had it so many times that I can feel what happens to the car in my mind.  Frieghtfull moment it was, my heart was racing and pumping hard until she called me back and said that she is fine and reached work. 

My lesson from today, please lets all teach our kids the basics of car driving, check your tires before taking off, and don’t give your mums a heart attack.