Unsure if you know that I am a phobic driver. Any car or truck next to me or behind me cannot attempt to manouver without raising my heart beats to 175 per second! In fact the sweat level increases and my palms slide away from the steering wheel. Despite this fear I am driving and continue to create havoc in the streets. 

However, this morning I was driving on the highway and my mind sent me a message saying that “I don’t have time for fear” so unless I straighten up and realize that driving is safe or get a driver. 
I know why this had happened!  Well I am soon to be 60 years old! And on my to do list I have projects and ambitions that needs more than 10 years to be completed; knowing me I add to the list by the minute so the ten years have to either stretch or I have to be working all the time without wasting even a minute of the years to come. 
One of the plans is to make enough funds to enable my family  life, my grandkids lives and my life very comfortable indeed. That cannot happen unless I forget about my fear. Plus I must find some one who believes in what I do and want to do so  he or she will fund the projects on my list. The third is to delegate a lot of the work that can be done by the team to the team. The fourth is to have a good secretary that can read my mind. The fifth is to work fast. 
So help me God