There are many people that I really care about in this world, but my worry is that if I write about them they may not like it, or may consider it invasion of privacy, or something of that sort.  I can write and joke about my family, because we are all of similar nature, we “joke it out|” as the saying goes, but to extend the humour to include my friends and my sisters and brothers in law might be taken seriously. 

Even in my family I will not write about certain members as these certain members may sulk and may not talk to me for a while, of course I am assuming here that my family are avid members of the literary world and would read my blog on a regular basis, which I suspect, as I wrote one the other day comparing me with one of the sisters and I didn’t receive any comments from her, which makes me assume that she didn’t read it and no one else had read it.  Then again, I write my thoughts because I am always worried that I will develop Alzheimer like my dad, and once that happens, I will read the blog and remember my family.  I am thinking that I must write something about each member, so if I do get Alzheimer, I will read everyday the description to remind me of what to say.  However I will not get Alzheimer now as I am following the advise of taking a spoon of coconut oil on a daily basis.

So, I was asked to write something about my brothers.  I am keeping this on the side, as we are all going on a trip in February next year to Thailand and that should generate a book instead of a blog, I will be the fly on the wall noticing everything and writing about it.  Stay put, and wait for it, its going to be an amazing trip and you would want to know about what happens in it.

There is an important part of the family that I have neglected completely, and this is the brothers and sisters in law.  Everyone is amazed on how we can be friendly with that part of the family! well, once they married into our family we all feel that they had taken part in our growth and progress.  They are important to us as they are the mothers and fathers of our nieces and nephews and are enriching our lives with their culture.  Sometime to stay with just your own family you get complacent, but having outsiders around is a good thing, and when these outsiders are great and had been loved by my brothers and sisters, then why not? we will love them too. 

I think also that loving is a give and take, if you love someone then you expect love in return; Love is a coin with two faces, so we expect that our brothers and sisters in law will love us too, and will make us part of their plans.  We don’t mind having them as part of our plans if they did that too.  I must try to remember if that happened to us or not?  unfortunately we only have one sister in law living with us in Dubai, the rest are living in Bahrain,  but the one living hear is more of a sister than just a Sister in Law, as we see her more often, and her craving for hot red chillies had made us crave it too; she loves to go out and have fun, but we the sisters are a lazy bunch, we would rather stay home, enjoy a movie, or gossip, now though she became like us, and that day when we went for dinner I spent few days with stomach ache as I was trying to mimic her ability in eating spicy stuff, but it worked against my sensitive stomach. She learnt Arabic just to keep up with us, and her kids will only speak our language with her, sometimes we feel that it is not fair for her that we speak in Arabic only, but in actual fact it helped her learn another language.  We love you Shaz, don’t be upset.