This was the first order that came from God to Prophet Mohammed. It was a strange order. God didn’t ask him to fight or pray or go to haj or to pay to the poor or the other to complete the pillars of Islam but he asked him to read. 

Reading and learning is the fertile ground of Islam and it’s the main theme of growing the pillars, however it seems that we have forgotten about this command and focused on other unimportant things. 
Reading is what saves people, reading is what makes people refined and we must ensure to read. And the writers amongst us must ensure to write. But what do we read? This is a very academic question. We must read everything. Just ask yourself what you learnt in your day ( I am not going to even mention the messages that you receive on your phone, as it doesn’t count). One must read books that one would learn something new from. We must go for courses, we must learn other languages, we must read history and learn what happened to our ancestors, we must investigate different cultures and know how we can live peacefully with other people and countries. We must learn about science, technology, engineering, mathematics; we must learn about health and help in improving the life of others as well as ours. 
God gave an order to begin our life with! And even the prophet who was an illiterate and got scared of the first message had to read so why did we forget this message?
This blog is dedicated to those that were killed by ISIS who understood Islam as the killing religion.