My weekend was full of people, I loved it, its the first weekend in such a long time that I really sat and talked and had a good and relaxed dialogue with friends and acquaintences. Discussions on jobs, life, politics, Thailand, the volcanic ashes, poverty, education ( my favourite) and many more things. However one things struck me as being odd. All the women ( I must say all of us!) have one thing in common, husbands are bad. I dont want to talk about what happens inside homes, and I dont want to mention names and nationalities, but I just want to say that it seems that no one is happy as the husbands are in one way or the other are not loving or having mercy on us the women. One person takes beatings from her husband, and when she had enough she went to the police who called him in, he said that he did beat her, and he is beating her and he will continue to beat her, and lets see who is going to stop me? arrogance? no, its confidence that the system is not strong enough to protect the soft glass ( as god call us). So what should we do? I for one will not want my girls to get married unless I subject the husbands-to-be in to a pschometric test that can expose the weaknesses and the hidden complexes. I do not want my great girls, the ones I spent time, effort, money and love on to be like that woman?

Where is the humanity? and why do we go on talking about things that does not relate to our well being. If our mental health is not in perfect conditions then we cannot help any one in this world. We have to think of what is the best way to acheive this mental health and then be able to help the world be a better place to live.