You know when the king dreamt of the seven thin cows, and seven dried ears of wheat? Joseph explained the dream to him simply; he said that you will have seven years of drought, followed by seven years of extreme poverty. I am not going to say that I am in the first seven years or the second seven years, it will be sufficient to say that I have been hit with bad luck, for a while now.  From trouble at home, to trouble at work, to problems with banks, to drop in property prices, to problems with the family, to unsuccessful ventures, to problems with cars, to troubles with parts of my body, of course I mustn’t forget the continuous case of flat tyers;  however what happened tonight tops it all.  

We had an overall strange day, filled with meetings, the accountants were there as we are almost at the end of our financial year, we finally bought that  urgently needed printer, so the technician didn’t let us do any work, as he was installing the software on all the laptops, students coming and going, phones didn’t stop as it seems that the 35 dirhams advert is working, we had more people in those 500 square foot than usual.  Then we left to go to the graduation of my nephew; it was nice, but very noisy, the kids this year didn’t leave a whistle or a Horn in the shops, they bought the lot plus all the party crackers.  The hall must have had over 10000 people, and everyone was noisy including the mums and dads.  Of course it is a cause for celebration, kids finishing school is a relief, firstly no more late nights and homework, and no more drop me at my mate’s house to study, or what shall I wear at the prom? I certainly celebrated when my kids finished school and buzzed off to universities, made sure that they go as faraway as possible just to have the peace and quite that is mostly needed for my work.

Sorry, digressing as usual, anyway, after the graduation we went to my sister’s house to have dinner there, picked up a cake on the way of course, and had dinner before she arrives with the boys, and forgot to call her husband, who started screaming at us because we ate without him, we laughed it off of course and continued to eat.  Then she came and told us all off for doing this, as she must have been bashed by him for letting us eat without him being at the head of the table, loves his stomach this guy!!  I felt tired after a long day so I told the kids that I am going home and that they should not forget to bring my laptop and the house keeper.  When I approached the house, I can hear a water fall? Did Juju leave the television on? He does that at times, I thought to myself, the key didn’t open the door, so I pushed the garage door up, and entered from the kitchen door slipped and fill in the dark, I felt that all my cloths were wet, and I can hear the water coming from upstairs, it reminds me of Jumanji, not sure if you had seen that movie, it is a nice one.  Anyway, I forgot about my back pain, run upstairs, found that the water was coming from my room, oh my god, it was few inches above the ground, so I run to the bathroom and found out that the tap was broken, and the thousands of litters was splashing everywhere. I closed off the tap, and in my head was swearing at those who worked on my toilettes for their bad workmanship!! I also removed the cover of the drainage to let the water seep in, in between I called the kids to run home to help clear the swimming pools inside the whole house. My rugs (hundreds of them, I love rugs and collect them instead of jewellery)where all soaking wet, and the cupboards where also wet inside. Anyway, the four of us worked hard at it, and almost cleaned the place. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

I forgot to mention that since last Wednesday I have been itching like hell from some allergy, at the same time I am taking allergy tablets and creams, which didn’t help, so all in all, it was a jolly time. All we need now is Marry Poppins to sing for us.  

So, what to do you think? Do I have a course of evil eye? Or simply it’s a repeat of what the king had dreamt.  Which phase am I at?