Omm, how do I start? I decided in a whim to go for a relaxation and treatment spa, let me tell you something friends, this had turned out to be the best decision I have ever made in my whole life. The place is brilliant, the treatments are out of this world, and the food is yum and healthy too. No junk at all, and the coffee is fantastic. The water is great, and you have to drink this smelly, heavy water every morning, I drank a sip and found out straight away that its not for me, it must have been written in my programme by mistake. Apparently if you do take 3 glasses from it every day, you return to your twenties; and since everyone thinks I am in my twenties, I didn’t think I need it.

The best thing is the swimming pool, its hot thermal water, imagine jumping in a hot pool, and not too deep (did I mention that I am scared of swimming in the deep and I had already booked an appointment with Dr Beryl to treat me from this phobia?) and the smell of course is too strong, but the rejuvenating feeling that you will receive from just being in that pool even for 5 minutes, out of this world?. Mud? I am sure you imagine worms and dead insects? No darlings, it’s clean, hot and slimy, but gives you that feeling of being smothered with chocolate? Have you ever imagined that? I am sure you didn’t. So imagine that you are wrapped with this chocolate, oops excuse me, hot mud, and this cold iron piece is placed on your heart, then you go in this dizzy state of mind where you dont know whether you are here or there, the thoughts stop and the mind is blank, to tell you the truth, the 20 minutes finished in a flash as I think I had dozed off, I can never tell, after washing the mud off, I was wrapped again with a blanket in a dark room to go to sleep. From the mud that you are wrapped with, to the mud pool, to the hydro massage and the spinal massage and the CO2 injections, etc, Everything you are asked to do here is designed specifically for you, it’s your own programme ( or you feel that way).

Kids, if you are reading this blog, please make sure that my next birthday gift will be a trip to one of these spas again. Shall we call it a week in heaven? No it’s much better than that.

Looking forward to that week, and I will tell you more about everything else tomorrow.

By the way, check out the new pictures on facebook, these are the swans that followed me to the hotel. Of course knowing that I love nature is something that I found out after being in that mud for 20 minutes.