I have been on it for few years now, most of my students add me on facebook, or i add them, and placed one advert on FB, but didnt generate any leads. I think like anything else in advertising the whole media market is overcrowded with so many products on it now. so the more mediums the more products, the more advertisers, the result is the same, you can be overshadowed by the other advertisers. I asked my son (the guru in media studies) today on how we can be like the royal wedding, a billion people watching it around the world? he said that the royals do not pay to be on the media, the media pays them, as they have 100s of years behind them, and plus they are royalty, and poeple are suckers for royalty, the conclusion, to be known you have to be there for ever, and do stuff that makes you known to people, not just advertise, like for example having a charity runs, participating in sporting groups, or funding children’s art exhibitions, in another word do anything that will make you known. or (this is the best) let a royalty use your product in public. Channel is known because a royalty wore her tiara in 1936, hence Channel can charge exorbitant prices.