What amazes me is that when the youth decide to do something, and governments get wind of that thing they start to offer stuff so they shut the youth up. For example Syria decided to left the bans on social media! “we will give you access to Facebook” and Bahrain gave a 1000 dinars to each family (but only for those that have bank accounts! Forgetting that the members of the ruling family receive monthly stipend that could equal the salaries of all the middle class families in Bahrain, and a travel allowance too. Libya offered car loans, and other stuff to the youth? I am not sure what Yemen offered? Maybe more Qat (some sort of drugs Yemeni people chew to be high) or more time off work? And so on and so forth. I have a feeling that our ME governments think that our youth can be bribed? I am sure that all of them had forgotten that they had provided a double edged weapon to the youth of their countries. Once the satellite TV became in existance, the Internet, and the compulsory high school education then of course the youth became more aware of what is missing in their lives; it is not just less money? It is not less jobs? It is not less living space, or less books etc. It is the freedom to think and the freedom to judge and the freedom to say that something or things are wrong and need to be rectified. Freedom of speech is a right that need to be let loose, and youth should be able to speak up, they need to be taught how to think, how to analyse, how to judge right from wrong, and how to live well.

I am actully with the youth despite being more than double their ages. I am with the youth, and believe that what they are trying to achieve is legitimate and what ME goverments try to hinder is the dodgy affair. Of course, what I said above is also valid and must be applied on PARENTS. They must allow their kids to think, see, play, study, mix with others. I have an itchy feeling that our kids hate us too and want to have a demonstration to overthrew us from our home governments, why? You must know why? We stop them, we hinder their train of thoughts, we do not allow them to experience life, and see for themselves, we shelter our kids, we cover their eyes, so they don’t have the right to practice what their hearts and minds tell them to prctice.

From today, I am allowing my children to overthrew me from my chair, and rule my home. I am not sure what the other parent would say, I will leave this to the kids to sort out.

To all the youth of the middle east, god bless you. You have accomplished more victories than us, please do not forget though that we had created for you the things that made you different than us, so despite what I said above, first thank us, then threw us out.