we lived in New Zealand for five years, we have seen some sunny days, but most days we had rain, it can be light, it can be drizzling, but we had lots and lots of heavy rain; one day my wind screen wiper was not working, and the rain started, light in the beginning, and turned to be cats and dogs. so i had to park my car and wait for the rain to stop so i can get back home. lucky me the police didn’t see me, otherwise a fine was a sure thing.

wondering why am I telling this story? of course you are. I never saw a slight paddle after the rain had stopped, we never had a drop of rain inside the house, and we did live in many houses, but nothing leaked, and no fuse or triping in the power either. But in the UAE, or any of the other gulf countries, OK why am i cautious, in the whole of the middle east, when it rains, we love it, in actual fact we pray for rain. We of course forget the aftermath. for example it rained on Sunday in the UAE, good amount of rain that washed down the dust that we had from the sand storm. however it was chaos, the accidents, the lakes of mud and the leaking inside most of the if the houses was sickening. If i were the government, i will cancel the license of every road and sewerage contractor in these countries as i am sure their pockets are so full of the money that was meant to be for the sewerage. see these pictures and you will believe. i only wish to be the goverment, there will not be another problem in these countries.