First of all congrats for winning the Expo 2020, five years from now we will have six months of expos in Dubai, and business will improve for everyone, I will be part of it of course.  Even though I will be 62 at that time, but age has nothing to do with it I guess.

My day was hectic, I arrived late from Bahrain last night after spending 5 days of back to back meetings, outings, presentations, and budget setting for the new office there. Seeing the little one was the icing on the cake, but of course she doesn’t like me, I think its because I am not there all the time, so a reminder to me “go to Bahrain often granny!!” . 

I reached my first meeting for the day late, and after the meeting I spent hours on the phone following what is happening to my sister who is diagnosed with another cancer in the womb, she had a tumor removed from her breast, so we convinced her to go to the most famous hospital in the country, she did after great resistance.  Once she reached there and being admitted, she was going to undergo various medical checks, which she didn’t like so she took off, my sister, her husband and my nephew ran after her, but she refused to go back. then on the way back to Dubai, lots of phone calls happened, and now she is going to Lebanon to be tested by a very famous oncologist there, hopefully (that is her saying as she is in denial) he will discover that she doesn’t have cancer and she will be back on the next plane home.  We also hope so of course, as no one wants to have cancer in ones house.  Cancer is something we hear about, but do not want to experience t first hand.

So all the celebration of the Expo2020 didn’t do much for us, as we are all sad to know that our sister is not feeling that well.  However looking at her talking and chattering away with the friends who visited makes one feel that its all a medical mistake, as she looks fine, and maybe she is fine, but one must make sure.

Hopefully when 2020 arives, we will all be having booths in that expo and my sister will be selling something or the other there.  I want to have a tea stall, with my special cookies, to be sold to those that are tired from walking in the huge setup that Dubai is preparing.  Or better still, my art project will also be approved and Dubai will be very colorful in preparation for the expo.  One never knows, but one has to plan.

Please wish my sister the best of health, and see you all in five years in Dubai, its our city, and we love it.