If you want to know what the word “busy” means then you must read this post, and even if you knew the word, you will only be able to realise the magnitude of the number of people I saw today if you are a primary school teacher in a third world country, or a lecturer in a huge university. To begin with I woke up early to perform a special prayer that a friend taught me, it takes half an hour as I had to read a whole article from Quraan. Then I did some emails while having a quick breakfast, which consists of cereal and coffee. At around 8:40 I woke my husband up so he gets ready for a whole new busy but going to be lovely day.

It is friday, and we are invited for Breakfast at some friends’ house(don’t start Shaz, I know that you were going to say that I just had breakfast!). this was a frequent thing we did until I became very busy and started to travel a lot for work; now we resumed it. There were around 15 people there, it was so much fun but the fun increased when the coffee cups gathered around me, people think that I read it well, I think that I know what they want, so I say it! Well maybe I read cups well!! We left to go to the supermarket as I had 6 couples for lunch, they arrived at 2 and by nine we were still chattering away, and reading more cups.

My brother came and we chatted about art, his tremendous hidden ability, and why he is not selling a single painting for 75000 dirhams!!! He thinks that people like to buy a mundane painting, while his art is the type that requires too much thinking and analysis, hence he is poor, or will cut his ear and die like Van Goch, I read his cup too and showed him the three new paintings that he is going to drew soon! Then all of a sudden my daughters organised another outing with the family, so there you go, another 9 people, keep on counting? I saw at least 40 people today, and this is friday which is supposed to be spent in silence enjoying the sun and playing with the cat. The poor cat misses me as I haven’t even called her name for at least a month and a half. This week has been really busy, work, and work, and visitors, and outings, so I am hoping that it is a great start for 2012.

Yesterday I spend the whole morning driving from an undone work to another undone work, as every time I hop out of the car to complete a chore the government department staff tell me that I need one missing document or the other, so I have to re do the same trips on Sunday; by the time I didn’t do the last chore I was close to Deira so I decided to go to the gold market to repair the kids bracelets. I called my husband to mention that so he asked me to buy the fish for today’s lunch! I havent been to the fish market for ages, so it was a great experience; surprisingly, there wasn’t a lot of fishy odour, don’t know why? Still I was in and out in 10 minutes. When I finally reached the office after a 100 phone calls (I do most of my work in the car by the way) I was so tired so I went to the other office and took a short nap before my three o’clock appointment arrived, they left at 5:30. I prayed quickly and called my brother so we could go for our planned visit to the Shelter, unfortunately we missed them too as they seem to be closing down early, or they are all on holiday. We managed to see some other art galleries and liked what was on display very much. I saw the new Harper’s Bazaar magazine, and felt sad that it has all the stuff that I wanted to do but never got around to do them! My coffee table book of art. Oh well, one cannot possibly do everything?

Finally we went to see my brother in law as he was operated on for a shoulder injury, he is an Ice hockey player, and a good one too, but with a knee injury and now a shoulder injury I don’t think he will play any more. His siter arrived with her kids (one of them is handicapped but so funny, he asked me why was I wearing glasses, I told him because I cannot see whiteout them. He said but I can see you??? Got it?) I loved the child, so nice and the way she is looking after him is so incredible. We returned home late, thus I couldn’t write as was so tired especially that the friends from Oman who left yesterday morning were talking till late on Wednesday night. I must rest now as it is another big day tomorrow. My new implant will be placed hooray

Good night everyone.