We have been booking stands for exhibitions since the consultancy started, almost 20 in a year, some happen in schools and some in exhibition grounds; I never stopped to think of the whole exhibition idea until this year when I went to Saudi to visit the education exhibition over there.

It all starts with the emails and brochures sent to our mailbox, then we choose the ones that are most suitable for our market, we ourselves prepare pamphlets, flies, brochures and of course the business cards.  When the day arrives we have to go there and organize our stand ourselves, decorate our tables, prepare a candy pot for the kids, have some plants in the corner and stand there waiting for the customer.  its like a huge Sunday market with specific types of customers, the better looking stand is the one that most customers will go to. So I was thinking, is this a complete business within a business? or many businesses within the business?

Apart from the Exhibition grounds, the electricity, water, cleaners, car park personnel, and all the support services (which I would call fixed costs), think of it this way,
the business of the booth makers
the business of the promotional materials like the cups, key chains, card holders,and other nicknaks that are given to the customers and clients
the copywriters, designers and printers of the prospectuses, booklets, fliers, business cards
the designers and makers of the pull up stands
the universities, colleges and schools
the organiser of the exhibitions
the advertisers and promoters
the airlines
the hotels
the people and their salaries and other benefits
the equipment that is used like the TV screens, computers and projectors
the phones and social media.
All of this is done to encourage the customer to buy the products and the service, but our product and service is unlike any other, we are in the business of selling education.  How handsome is this!!
the time