for the past few nights the name above is repeated in my mind thousands of times; no he is not an actor that i suddenly discovered or liked, its the father in that PlayStation game that my son had just bought, or to put it mildly my son’s AVATAR. yes agreed, at last i figured out the meaning of avatar, and the movie that clogged the banks with money. back to the game. in the story the family go to the mall, one of the sons wonders of the father’s sight ( my sons avatar again) and the father is looking for him everywhere, and shouting, Jason, Jason, Jason. the movement of the actors in the PlayStation is so vivid as if its a real life. then when the father finds him its too late as he was running after his balloon left the mall, and a car hits him and kills him instantly. the parents and their other son are so sad. the little boy is tarnished and wants to watch TV, the father wants him to go to sleep, the house is sad and the mood of the film (my son is playing) is so depressing. but it doesn’t stop there. some people kidnap the little one and the mission of finding his son starts. the language used and the scenes are all so depressing, oh did i say that before, but they are depressing. the thing is, my son waits to come home from work to complete the game. of course i found out later that this game was banned from Dubai, how did my son find it? i am not sure